Fun Five on Friday 11/3/23

1. We spent a long weekend on Mackinac Island a couple weeks ago. I hadn’t been there in 20 years, & I’ve never stayed on the island before. Definitely mid-October is the BEST time to go! much slower pace & less crowds & the fall leaves were beautiful. It wasn’t too cold & we were able to do a lot of hiking & see many sites, including the gazebo from the movie “Somewhere In Time”.

2. We also visited Huckleberry Railroad/Crossroads Village for their Halloween village. I had a wonderful time trick or treating, riding the Halloween haunted woods train ride, & it really got me into the spooky holiday spirit!

3. I’ve been sickly lately with my neck & migraine problems. I’m hopefully on more of the mend now but it did knock me out for most of October. I’m feeling behind on many things but if I keep my head down I can work through my projects.

4. My 39th birthday was 10/31! It was a pretty quiet day since we had my “celebration” during our trip. I was so happy to hear from friends near & far though.

5. Also my braces came off on 10/30! It was a rough 2 years but I’m very happy I stuck with it. I’ll share some pictures when I look & feel a bit better!