Fun Five on Friday 10/6/23

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It’s just been too long since I’ve had a column post. I will be back to writing here much more. I have been pruning things that did not bring me joy & deciding that the blog is 1 that DOES bring me joy but I have neglected. I am going to be sharing much more too on a personal level & lifestyle focus, aside from savings. Buckle up for the ride!

My cousin + his wife had their baby in August! They are the best baby & doing really well. My cousin doesn’t want pictures of the baby out, which I respect 1000000%. I was so glad to see them all at the hospital on their BIRTHday & a few times since!

On August 24th I celebrated the 25th anniversary of myself writing in journals! I am currently transcribing (at least) my earliest 3 books to eventually send into The American Diary Project. I want to keep my memories but I am glad the books will go to a good home for all history. This book was the 1st journal book I ever wrote in.

I also began working seasonally again at the nearby candy shop. It’s a fun ‘lil job & I’m glad to have a ‘lil extra $ in my hands. I don’t have particular plans, other than bolstering up my savings account.

I was able to hop on a work trip with Chris to Tampa for 1 more Busch Gardens visit since I purchased a season pass for 2023. It was great to see the animals, I do love the ice skating show they have & it’s sentimental to me, & I was able to do some more pin trading, especially for elephant pins.

I have some major Tula XII updates & news! Hop on NOW to begin your 2024 planner/journal Techo Kaigi!