Self-Care & Well-Being with Viva Naturals

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Viva Naturals is a 1 stop shop for all your natural personal care needs. & many items are marked on a great sale this week to celebrate Labor Day!

1 way to frugally splurge on a little self-care is their popular (& decadent) Organic Lavender Massage oil.

I began a new job in June & it has been wonderful but an adjustment being back in person in an office 5 days per week after 2 years of working from home. Of course, add on the (healthy) stress & learning that a new job entails!

There was a few week period that my neck & shoulders were really reacting to all of this. It hurt to hold my head up. I would come straight home after work & go to bed. My husband is a massage therapist & can usually work out my troubles fast & easily, but he was working on my body every day that he was home from his travel job, & it was little help.

This bottle of massage oil arrived right in time! Chris usually prefers plain carrier oils for his massages, but he did really get into this because it does not absorb too quickly as some other blended oils can. I loved smelling the extra hints of clove & eucalyptus. They were great & new to me scent compliments to my beloved relaxing lavender.

& most importantly, as the name Viva Naturals implies, the ingredient list is NATURAL. Viva Naturals mission statement states:

Viva Naturals products are designed to help support your need to live a happy, healthy, and more balanced life. Our ingredients are sourced with care; our formulas contain no artificial dyes because we respect you and Mother Earth.